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Stamatis (Manos) Papangelou is a PhD candidate and blockchain researcher with over 7 years of experience in the field. His research aims to categorize and measure the decentralization levels of DeFi protocols and explore how Artificial Intelligence can advance autonomous financial services.

Manos earned an MSc in Data Science and has contributed to various AI projects. He instructs DeFi training for professionals, co-teaches DeFi MOOCs, and has trained national police academies on Financial Investigations involving Virtual Currencies. Additionally, he is part of the team offering introductory courses on NFTs and the Metaverse.



Sufyan is an innovative leader in the blockchain field with a mission to help the world grasp the true nature of the ever-evolving blockchain space. His MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency solidifies his expertise. Specializing in top-tier consultation and education.

Sufyan and his team make blockchain and AI understandable, while also nurturing an exclusive community. His unwavering dedication to ongoing learning propels him to connect, collaborate, and explore the ever-changing blockchain landscape. 

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Elevate your confidence with our Pro Coaching program. Master safe investment techniques and harness the blockchain's power for business growth. Enjoy personalized 1on1 online coaching sessions that break down complex concepts into easily digestible knowledge, tailored just for you.

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Client Testimonials

“V-Blocks has been an invaluable partner in my journey to bridge the gap between talent and innovation in the crypto and web3 sector. As a recruitment specialist, I recognized the rising demand for skilled professionals in these cutting-edge fields. To be proactive, I decided to delve deeper into the technology myself. V-Blocks' coaching has not only expanded my knowledge but also empowered me to connect talents with forward-thinking employers, shaping the future of recruitment in this dynamic landscape."
Radmila Pavicevic, Recruitment Specialist
"V-Blocks truly transformed my understanding of the crypto world. As a Fin-Tech entrepreneur, I needed to grasp the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency for both my investments and clients. Their coaching sessions were enlightening and practical, giving me the insights I needed. Thanks to V-Blocks, I'm now empowered to navigate this evolving landscape with confidence."
Nader Malaeb, Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
"V-Blocks has been a revelation for me. As the Vice President of the Black Business Student Association and an aspiring entrepreneur, I've been seeking ways to empower my fellow Young Business Professionals with crypto knowledge. Their coaching sessions were not only informative but also tailored to our needs. V-Blocks has equipped me to drive crypto adoption in Canada's business circles with confidence and impact."
Mustafa Fadul, Entrepreneur and Vice President, Black Business Student Association

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